Enable your entrepreneurs’ international mobility through the Soft Landing Program

The Soft Landing Program

to enable your entrepreneurs’ international mobility


In an increasingly international world, the mobility of men, knowledge and know-how is a crucial issue.

Faced with not only national but international competition, entrepreneurs are summed to innovate not only on their territory, but also develop their projects on a regional, national, and even a continental scale.

The support these entrepreneurs receive must also take this reality into account and offer solutions to enable their international mobility. In this regard, Afric’innnov has developped a Soft Landing Program within the members of its community.

What benefits for me ?

An easy-to-use booking tool

  • Book a space for your entrepreneurs in 3 quick steps!

  1. The entrepreneur identifies the SAEI in which he wishes to be hosted
  2. He informes his original SAEI, who takes care of the reservation
  3. If the space is available and if the « receiving » SAEI confirms the request, it is then booked!

An enhanced value proposition

  • A real added value on your offer for entrepreneurs : the possibility to send them « on exchange » in a partner SAEI abroad for free
  • The possibility to exchange and form synergies between incubatees and visiting entrepreneurs
  • Enhanced visibility on the international scene

A program open to the community

  • Each new SAEI integrating the community automatically integrates the Soft Landing Program
  • Each SAEI agrees to make a workstation available, gratuitiously and at all times, with the same basic services it offers to its own entrepreneurs
  • The same entrepreneur can be hosted in the same incubator for a maximum length of one month per year