Certify your expertise with The Afric’innov Label

Why a label?

In African countries, entrepreneurship-supporting structures are relatively recent. Thus, there are very different levels of maturity and professionalization within these structures.
This diversity of «quality level» and the low sustainability of many of them pose a real problem of readability of these ecosystems.

The main objective of the Afric’innov label is to provide entrepreneurial support structures in Africa, as well as all ecosystem stakeholders, with a quality reference framework for their activities. Thus, the Afric’innov label will enable a quick and easy identification of SAEIs that offer support with a reknown and recognized quality standard.

The label aspires to be :

  • A guarantee of the quality of support services offered to start-ups
  • A guarantee of the professionalism of the incubation teams
  • A guarantee of the quality of projects graduating from these SAEI
  • A guarantee of credibility and trust
  • A decision tool for technical and financial partners and international institutions

The Afric’innov label is aimed at any type of structure whose mission is to select, then support entrepreneurs or project managers in the development of their project, through various services.

What is the scope of the label?

I’m interested in : what is the process?

Is my organization eligible?

To verify your eligibilty, please access the test:

Access to the eligibility test

The following criteria will be assessed :

  • Legal status
  • Seniority
  • Rigorous accounting practices
  • Facilities
  • Human resources
  • Start-up which benefited your support (current + alumni)